Mission, Vision, Values

The mission, vision, and values are the guideposts of NMS activity. Our mission and vision establish our commitment to both our clients and our employees. Our core values set the standard for our behavior. As a representative of NMS, we rely on you to put these values into practice every day on the job and help NMS achieve its mission.

We take pride in our ethical business practices, which are built on our core values. These principles are at the forefront of everything we do and continually guide our decisions and everyday operations.


Our mission is to provide management and support services at a level of quality, value, safety and expertise beyond our clients’ expectations.


Our vision is to be a profitable, nationwide supplier of outsourced services whose caring culture makes us an employer of choice.


  • Safety guides our behavior
  • Honesty and integrity govern our activities
  • Commitments made will be fulfilled
  • All individuals are treated with dignity and respect
  • The environment will be protected and sustained

Join Us on Our Journey

A Growing Enterprise

NMS has grown from a small catering company to one of Alaska's largest employers. From our roots in providing food service to the oil & gas industry on the North Slope to our ever expanding operations in the contiguous United States, we are proud of all we have achieved. We are excited for you to join us on our journey!

Guided by Two


NMS is a limited liability company, owned by Sivu, LLC (51 percent) and Sodexo Alaska, LLC (49 percent). From the collective assets of both firms, NMS offers competitive, technologically focused solutions to clients in Alaska and throughout the contiguous U.S.

People are Our Priority


Our people are our priority. At NMS, we create environments in which all people are treated with dignity and respect.

NMS employees work together in vibrant, inclusive workplaces where diversity is actively pursued, promoted and viewed as a vital strength. Our goal is to mirror the diversity of the communities in which we work. We do so by consciously recruiting people with minority status and further enabling our employees to succeed by providing management training and mentoring programs. Today, we are proud to employ a highly diverse workforce, 58 percent of which is minority status.

Excellence in Safety

Safety Guides Our Behavior

At NMS, our commitment to excellence in safety is unparalleled. Individual safety and the safety of our coworkers, customers, clients, contractors and visitors is our top priority.

Our employees share responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace, and we empower and expect every employee to stop work that does not follow safe work practices. We know that good safety practices and policies become good safety habits that create healthier lifestyles for our employees and their families.

Eric Fox, VP of Security

Safety Orientation